Music and beer have a lot in common. Both require hard work and commitment to create and both are born from the overlap of craft, art and passion. The opportunity to bring music and beer together with Rock Brothers was just too cool to pass up.

Joey Redner of Cigar City Brewing

We've always partnered and collaborated with local businesses including supporting local artists. Our twenty year tag line is; "Enjoy With Food and Friends" but it wasn't until our friends at Cigar City introduced Rock Brothers Brewing to Palmetto Brewing that we realized how well it could be done. We're very excited to partner with these talented guys and look forward to bringing some more fun to the Lowcountry.

John Planty of Palmetto Brewing

Never in a million years would my Granddaddy think that his old morning coffee request of “Cream but Nare Sugar” would spark the creation of this flavorful ale… but he would be “Damn Sho’ Proud.”

JJ Grey of JJ Grey & Mofro

1901 N. 15th Street, Tampa, FL 33605